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You’re great with any work in which you can work alone for part of the time – research, science, data collecting, or computers. The number 6 Life Path produces few drawbacks named: extravagance, obsessive patronage and, in part, hypochondria. 6 Life Path: You possess great compassion and seek to be of service to others. Many 6 Life Paths are drawn to careers in the beauty industry, including the fields of makeup, hairdressing, and interior design. You’re a “literal” thinker and thrive when you’re using your amazing process-oriented brain. These themes will be reoccurring issues throughout your life, as your Life Path number indicates what you’re evolving into, developing, aspiring toward, and learning about. You’re here to master the art of success in the material world. You want to feel indispensable and then resent being indispensable, even though you’re the one who set it up that way. You are strongly connected to music, colors, art, and anything that brings harmony and beauty. However, things may go wrong if you sacrifice your talent and skills for others, or if you are not able to identify your talent. Number 1: You are best suited for a career where you can function independently and autonomously, preferably in a position of leadership. ;) To determine your actual career path, I’d recommend reading What Color is … Remember that Warren Buffet has a 6 Life Path: Money can flow to you easily when you’re engaged with your vision while using a nurturing touch, so real estate can be a good fit. You benefit when you focus on your goal and move toward it with good management, organization, fortitude, heart, and most of all, integrity and high ethical standards. Know all about life path number 7 including compatibility, love, career, marriage, etc. With a 1, it’s not so much what you major in. You’re here as a truth seeker – your life is spent developing and acknowledging both the left/right brain continuum in yourself. It consists of the sum of digits in your birth date. People with life path number 3 are very creative and thoughtful beings, who love inventing things and solving problems. Thus, you will have to take great care and make sure that you either guide people and leave them to act upon their situation or at times aid them and show them the way. Life Path Number 4: Personality. Whilst your Life Path Number describes the direction of your journey through life, and your Destiny, or Expression Number reveals your gifts, talents, personality, and unique offerings to the world, the Soul Urge puts you back in touch with your essence. READ: MEANING OF LIFE PATH 11 – THE WIZARD. You might like to read about Numerology Number 6, Numbers say something special, let their magic unveil, Decode the factors that will decide your life, Know Big Elements that bring Big Changes in life, Find your true identity, passion and interests, The significant parts of this grand knowledge, Pay off what you owe, bring in success, happiness, Decode your destiny stored in the alphabets, Decode your unique personality traits with single-digit numbers, Comprises of events likely to happen, hourly guidance & precise timeframes, Know the percentages of different aspects of your physical and mental state, Check out how well will your wavelengths with others match. Number sixes are naturals for leadership positions. They are quite methodical and well ordered apart from being efficient in their essence. Each person is incredibly unique and brings individual passions and talents to the table. The key to the numerology 6 life path number is love toward others in order to exist for others. You are the reality-seeker who will accept nothing but the truth. The Life Path Number 4 is associated with people who are practical, sensible, pragmatic and rational by nature. You feel that you are evolving but many question marks remain and you don't know what to think about them or where to start. Some possibilities: Business/Marketing, Landscape Design, Interior Design, Beauty School/Cosmetology, Counseling, Psychology, Mentoring, Sociology, Medicine, Music, Art, Theatre, Political Science, Law. Yet it won’t be an easy dash to get there. Making a major career change at any age can require a huge leap of faith, especially when there’s no guarantee or certainty that benefits will come from it. It reflects the Universe's design embodied in you. You have a big heart, so you need a major that will lead you to a career where you can be of service to other people in some way, shape, or form. You'll do a lot of thinking this year, whether it be about your relationships, your professional life, or even your role in society. Some possibilities: Business/Management, Engineering, Real Estate, TV/Film Production, Music, Law, Medicine, Political Science, Mentoring. Kinda like reading horoscopes. It’s much more about believing in yourself in terms of what you’re passionate about – not what other people think you should be doing. Life Path number displays your possibilities and favorable direction for you in life. The Six is always willing to give a helping hand and support, relieve the other of part of their unsustainable burden, make sacrifices to fulfill their own obligations. The 8 demands that you manifest abundance in the material world while not resorting to greed or avarice to get there. You are likely more home, family, or community oriented, and tend to be more loving, warm, understanding, compassionate, responsible and reliable and interested in pleasing others. It’s through creativity and helping others that you find your groove. You will have failures so you must learn to fail forward. Your ultimate purpose is to develop creativity, confidence, independence, originality, and achievement. When you’ve figured this out, dive in with gusto and trust your creativity, innovation, and uniqueness. With a 4, you ultimately seek a sense of stability and security. There is a code to which 6 sticks: be true to yourself. The love life of a person born with a 6 Life Path number is deep and romantic. Keep reading if you’re interested in learning what type of career is right for you, based on life path number. It’s only a lack of concentration that can keep you from enjoying the success of your projected goals. As a 6 Life Path, your purpose is to develop nurturing, balanced responsibility, acceptance, service to others, and visionary pursuits. However, there is always a silver lining, and if you can balance your life with the service you want to present to others, you will be showered with an ample amount of opportunities. But the number will bring a few problems in the way of the spouse. You are someone who likes to serve humanity for a more significant cause. The Key: Can you embrace the fact that you’re meant to think big and be a financial success? Get out there, take charge, and don’t be a slacker, it’s likely that your entrepreneurial skills will develop as you do. Mostly they will have marriage only in name. Within this realm, however, they will not release their morals and standards. Life Path Number 6: Personality. Life path number 6 represents responsibility and consciousness and those people born with life path 6 tend to be amazing care givers and leaders. Numerology number 6 symbolizes the combination of higher divine with hard work on Earth. With a 5 Life Path, your challenge is to learn the true meaning of freedom. It means they have a rational thought process while making any decision in life. You try to maintain harmony within the family or group, balancing and fusing divergent forces. a 9 can have a few issues with traditional education – whether it’s with some kind of learning “disorder” (ADHD, dyslexia as an example) or whether it’s simply a rebellious attitude about having to fit all the square pegs into all the square holes. Know that you might have a propensity to devour information focused on spirituality or psychology. For instance, if you want to go abroad for a semester, find a way to do it! In Numerology, you always keep adding until you reach a one-digit number. Did you know that the secret to a perfect career lies in one single number? What Is A Natal Chart & What Does Your Astrological Birthdate Say About You? Any career requiring travel is also a great fit for those with Life Path Number 5, since it will keep them away from the routine of many other jobs, otherwise they may feel a sense of restlessness if they get stuck in a mundane or repetitive job environment. The thought of working for one company for 40 years and then retiring is loooong gone, and when the next step on the ladder fills you with dread, well, you know it’s time for a change! The 16 and 19 are Karmic Debt numbers and while they have all the qualities of the single digits 7 and 1 respectively, they have additional attributes and therefore have their own descriptions. If your Life Path Number is Twenty Two, you have the potential for extreme success and power. Reveal the destiny of number 6 in numerology. You’ll also be challenged to actually focus on learning and not get swept away with relationships. Your ultimate purpose is to develop fearlessness, adventurousness, resilience, and the constructive use of freedom. This is another significant influencer that will give you a revealing and accurate view of some of the alternative careers, in which you may also find great happiness and success. So please keep this in mind as you read these short descriptions. The Life Path Number is where most people start when they’re looking into their numerology chart, and that’s because it is the number that reveals the most about you. If you think you want to change career, remember that this is a time to explore various categories of study. The Life Path Number 6 is associated with a lot of love, affection, care, and humility. In order to figure out all of your personal skills, talents, preferences, and nuances, it’s ideal to understand the entirety of your numerology chart. They will never be shared. Your special mission is to execute and build projects that will benefit a wide arena of humankind. Life Path Number 4: Personality. These themes will be reoccurring issues throughout your life, as your Life Path number indicates what you’re evolving into, developing, aspiring toward, and learning about. Whether or not you’re thrilled with what your life path number tells you, you should pay attention to it. You’re the “home and family” person and often thrive when working with justice-related issues, in the creative arts, or anywhere a sense of beauty is required. Numerology Life Path 7 - You are a kind person ready to share the experience and give a help to people in need. You take great pride in helping others. Life Path Number 6 has a lot of energy of service in it. Your ultimate purpose is to develop nurturing, balanced responsibility, acceptance, service to others, and visionary pursuits. You will make a loving partner and a wonderful parent. Felicia Bender Ph.D – The Practical Numerologist is the author of Redesign Your Life: Using Numerology To Create the Wildly Optimal You. This can show up in the field of acting, directing and music. If this describes you, it’s a challenge to see the ways to advance yourself on levels that don’t always place you in this more practical and work-related role. Before you continue, did you know that this article is “Day 26” of our 30 Day Numerology Challenge? 1 + 1 = 2. However, you will not face many challenges on this front since you have a natural inclination to create a balance with such matters. Then, 3+5=8. Know about your compatible life partner with this numerology love compatibility. You can also thrive as a flight attendant or designer of any kind. You can achieve this in a multitude of ways—eliciting an emotional response through dance, music, film, or art; working one-on-one or in groups with various healing modalities;  you can write, entertain, teach; or any other activity, service, or interaction that engages you in endeavors where you touch the lives of people on a grand yet sometimes intangible or immeasurable scale. In astrology, Lord Moon is said to be the benefactor for everyone, maintaining a friendly relationship with all the other planets and their Rashi, except Virgo. Doing everything for them will not give them the space to learn from their mistakes. However, do not be obliged to hurry your choice of career. You’re here to use your creativity and make a difference in the world. What are the Downfalls of Life Path Number 6 As a person, you thrive anywhere you can actively support the welfare of others, creating safe havens for them to heal and grow. Numerology Insights - About You . If there’s one message to really embrace about your Master Life Path mission is that it’s a marathon, not a sprint. This is also a self-reflective time where you risk plunging into “superficiality” or alternatively step onto a “higher” path. But for now, let’s focus on the Life Path number…. Please read the description of the 6 Life Path, because that is the foundational energy that defines your life’s purpose. While at the same time you can have a mild obsession with getting your own way, no matter what. Whether it is art, music, or relationships, no other Life Path can make things coalesce as naturally as you can. If the realization that you’re on the path of the 8 allows you to step into your desire to make money, then it is certainly worth the price of admission! It’s easy to discover your Life Path Number – simply use the calculator below: When mentioning “possible careers,” the emphasis is on possible, so please don’t think these are the only options suitable for you. GET FIRST DIBS ON ALL THINGS ASTRO-NUMERO BEFORE THEY HAPPEN. Numerology Number 6 & Career Path. Some possibilities: Education, Architecture, Engineering, Drafting, Photography, Fishery & Wildlife, Sports Medicine, Construction and Building, Veterinary, History. It’s not surprising to see a 6 in the role of lawyer, judge, humanitarian, diplomat, nurse, patient advocacy and other jobs in which their motherly nature shines. Life Path Number 3: Personality. Life Path Number 6 – Highest Path. You can be a natural entertainer – creativity is a forte. Know all about life path number 6 including compatibility, love, career, marriage, etc. It is noticed that people with 1 as their Life Path Number are at their best when left alone. Often (not always!) Providing Everyday Lives. Any subject that can feed that part of you is wonderful. Your ultimate purpose is to develop spirituality, humanitarianism, creativity, wisdom, and integrity. As a 6 Life Path, your purpose is to develop nurturing, balanced responsibility, acceptance, service to others, and visionary pursuits. January =1, February =2 and so forth until December =12. The Life Path number consists of a single-digit number, so continue adding until you reach the single-digit number. See her at FeliciaBender.com. You’re here to embrace your creative self-expression and communication skills. You have a lot of empathy towards the ones who are weak and are suffering. Life Path numbers 5 and 6 complement each other very well. These people differ with an ability to see everything from different sides, with their … Also, make sure you do not spoil your loved ones too much for it will only make things harder for them in the future. You’re on an “internal journey” seeking to know who you really are – deep down at your core. You make a superlative teacher – whether you end up being a teacher or not. December 2020 – Key Numbers & Dates For This 7 Universal Month That Brings Us Some Much Needed R&R Time, The Perfect Moon Tattoo For You Based On Your Zodiac Sign. Today, there is a whole new world of empowering work opportunities. You have concern for the weak and the downtrodden. Not everyone may appreciate your efforts. Use the link below to exercise this right, and please review our privacy policy for complete information on how your data is used and stored. People with a life path number of 6 do enjoy the finer things of life when they can, but their devotion to their partners and families means that they are not likely to sacrifice time with their family for career success. This is a '5 year', which is pivotal in numerology and symbolizes a period of intense transition and great changes. Your December 2020 Crystal Forecast: Why It’s Important To Bring Balance To Your Patterns! You’re being called upon to balance your sense of self-confidence. But not everyone can drink from the fountain of creativity as readily as you! But we’re here to help you, with a very simple tool! This is a spiritual path—like all the master numbers—that prods you to step out of the slow, steady security of the number 4 and kick it up substantially. It’s your challenge to dig in and become an expert. If you’re thinking of switching careers, this will test you to be creative and innovative without succumbing to lack of focus. Your Life Path number can tell you which career will make you happiest. Download Your Free Printable December 2020 Cosmic Wall Calendar, Calculating Your #1 Core Number: The Life Path Number, Calculating Your #2 Core Number: The Expression Number, Calculating Your #3 Core Number: The Soul Urge Number. Life Path Number 6 reveals wisdom, humanism, love for mankind. a 4 Life Path finds themselves working their way through school. Counselling is an extremely popular career path for 2s, because your empathy allows you to understand the feelings of others so effectively. You’re here to develop a constructive and disciplined use of freedom and be an agent of change. Life path number 6 meaning. You feel fulfilled when serving a humanitarian service – large or small. Some possibilities: Business, Medicine, Music, the Humanities, Real Estate, Insurance, Non-Profits, Physical Therapy, Coaching. She’s passionate about helping people use numerology as a tool to improve their everyday lives. You share a great rapport with your family and loved ones. At times, you may feel overburdened by the travails of others. You can be successful at virtually anything for which you feel passion. Understand also that “creativity” transfers to different majors in different ways. The Life Path Number 4 is associated with people who are practical, sensible, pragmatic and rational by nature. Every person has their own Life Path number in Numerology, and it's based on their unique birth date. The success of LifePath and the public respect we enjoy has been achieved because of the team efforts of dedicated, capable, and highly motivated employees. It is only through our employees that LifePath can achieve its goal of excellence in consumer care. Careers are not something that Number Elevens generally give a lot of thought to. You are walking a path of responsibility, but you are not responsible for everyone and everything you encounter, including family members. Life Path Number 6. Find out what today has in store for you: Your Daily Forecast by Hans Decoz is based on four short-term cycles. These days, people are switching their career and jobs with more frequency than ever before. You’re actually quite a sensitive and emotional person, yet that part of you can feel foreign. If you have a Master number 22 in your chart, on top of the basic characteristics of the number 4, you have added strengths and also more intense challenges. You can excel in business, the arts, and health-related professions. People with 11 life path number have the ability to be magical and impressive with their skills and capabilities. Their creative energy is so deep and vibrant that they could potentially go on to become known for their ingenious ideas. Your magnetic personality draws people in and can lead to you being the center of attention. Warm, loving, kind, organized and compassionate life path 6 people make fantastic life partners. Your ultimate purpose is to develop spirituality, data-driven analysis, intuition, trust, and openness. The Key: How can you go with the flow of your creative and humanitarian impulses? You’re learning how to manage and understand the emotional side of life. ClickBank is the retailer of products on this site. Oct 8, 2016 - Note: This blog post is intended to be for amusement purposes only. You’re here to experience all the material and sensual world has to offer – within healthy and focused perimeters. Due to his sensitivity, the Six is good especially in the role of the artist and wherever he can use his creative and artistic abilities. A person with Life Path number 6 likes a comfortable life, and a safe situation is important to him, but the pursuit of wealth is not his goal. You’re a natural counselor, a lover of beauty, and a cultivator of loving service. Usually being a bank teller or any 9-to-5er just won’t cut it for you – at least not for long, whatever the salary! It consists of the sum of digits in your birth date. The very essence of a person is held within the Life Path Number. You’re here to experience the satisfaction that comes with financial abundance and material achievement. Ultimately, you’re meant to be your own boss – meaning, you don’t like being told what to do! Understand that you’re challenged with asking for support or help, so the sooner you can learn to ask, the better. How you use and embody this energy is unique and individual to you (and to the rest of your chart), yet this is a powerful blend of joyful, loving, creative, responsibility-driven tendencies. Work at thinking outside of your own box. As a Life Path Number 6, you are very sensitive to vibrations, and therefore wish for your environment and all your relationships to feel peaceful and harmonious. You thrive in the spotlight, through performance, entertainment, or any creative and communicative endeavor which has to do with the spoken or written word. Numerology #6 is connected with balance, responsibility and love. HOW TO CALCULATE AND INTERPRET YOUR EXPRESSION NUMBER. So pay close attention and learn how to build your own business in an effective way. Customized to your exact birth date and name, this personalized numerology report will shed light on your core numbers and life purpose. You’re an “If you want something done right you just have to do it yourself” kind of person. Life path number 6 represents responsibility and consciousness and those people born with life path 6 tend to be amazing care givers and leaders. Indeed, what is Life Path Number 6 meaning as far as work? They are refreshing to partners who may be used to lovers who don't relate as well to their feelings. However, this can only happen when you have a genuine concern for the one who is suffering. Pursuing a career change is a great time and place to get to know yourself and give yourself permission to explore, but beware of going overboard in the party scene. You always know the answers on all the questions - at least you have your opinion about everything. Your special mission is to be a masterful healer, an inspired visionary, and a conduit of a higher form of unconditional love. For example, if you were born June 25 1972, you add 6 + 25+ 1+9+7+2= 50= 5. The Key: Can you embrace the fact that you’re meant for travel, adventure, and will experience a lot of changing circumstances in your life? You will nurture them with love, protection, and harmony which is essential. You’re apt to excel in management. You’re an agent of change and the master of progressive thought and action. Change is constant in your world requiring adaptability and courage. As you transition to new kinds of work, you’ll be tested to come to terms with your various talents and decide a focal point. But for now, simply knowing which basic direction to investigate first can really help, and this starts with your Life Path number. In these cases, you may not flourish in the field of arts. The Life Path Number is a single digit (or double-digit, in the case of Master Numbers) formed from the date of your birth. If there’s one message to really embrace about your Master Life Path mission is that it’s a marathon, not a sprint. You can be scattered and lacking follow-through, so it’s up to you to not flit through and be a novice at everything you do. Life Path master number 33 doubles the features common for core number 6. Some possibilities: Philosophy, the Sciences, Engineering, Computers, Religion, Nutrition, Healing Arts, Massage Therapy. Overall, you’re the ultimate skeptic while simultaneously wrestling with the elements of the unknown. Understand that you’re on a different wavelength than most people. A change in careers will test you to devote yourself to what fascinates you while not getting totally lost in practicalities. You are often a late-bloomer and need to experience life before you can truly know and commit to your heart's desire. With that said, every 9 will also have different visions of what constitutes doing good in the world. If you’re thinking about switching careers or are going off to pursue higher education, know that life is a journey and we are all constantly growing. You’re a master teacher and a systems builder. Business can call you as well as any career in the arts – from music or acting to architecture or painting. The Life Path Number 11 is a mighty number which has a great potential to be an inspiring soul for others. You’re here to master both the analytical and the spiritual and intuitive natures of life. With a 9, you’re versatile and unusual. READ: HOW TO CALCULATE AND INTERPRET YOUR EXPRESSION NUMBER. Yet you can also feel the pull of your more intuitive side and be drawn to the healing arts, metaphysical thought, and self-exploration. Opportunities associated with Life Path Number 6. You need many of the foundational skills needed to have success, so don’t shy away from hard work. You’re creative, compassionate, and giving. READ: MEANING OF LIFE PATH 22 – THE MANIFESTER. We won’t have time to even mention many options, industries and alternatives to traditional choices. With the Master Number 33, on top of the basic characteristics of the number 6, you have added strengths and also more intense challenges. The Key:  Can you move through your self-doubt and commit yourself to developing your amazing creative talents? You’re best as the manager, the boss, the CEO. Therefore, they can either be musicians, writers, actors, poets or storytellers. Ultimately you’re most satisfied when you find something in which to specialize, whether it’s a certain form of financial management, a specific subject for research, or even quantum physics or the mystical arts. Your life path would be 5. Life Path Number 11 in Careers and Business. Fives are also very versatile, which makes many other career choices suitable for them. Life Path Number 9 in Career and Business. Also, know that following your true passion is all-important for you and yet this is also a challenge. A valuable lesson you’re learning is how to both give and receive. However, you must stay fit to be in a position to put others before yourself. You’re here to learn how to individuate yourself from others, develop healthy independence, and get on the road to attainment and achievement in whatever field you choose. Not just this, you can also be inclined towards visual arts as well. Life Path Number 1: Career and Business. Your Daily Numerology Reading for December 2020: Finally, Things Are Looking Up! These are suggestive of what might fit well with the over-all Life Path purpose. Do not let any emotional influence be the reason for your attachment, especially when choosing your life partner. However, the love others bestow upon you is your well deserved reward.

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