taurus g3 review 2020

I was impressed by the G3’s accuracy, especially considering the austere sights that are more appropriate for close-range, personal defense shooting than punching targets at 25 yards. The trigger guard is oversize and comes with a flat front, and there’s a Picatinny rail for mounting aftermarket accessories like lights and lasers. On my Wheeler gauge, the G3’s trigger broke at 5.8 pounds, which is slightly less than advertised, and once you get used to the long travel, the trigger is predictable. When it comes to safety, one of the essential requirements that everyone should have that defense equipment that can be … Even with its full-size frame and longer barrel, the G3 weighs just 25 ounces unloaded, which is only three ounces more than the G2c. That gun was in a display case and not on the public floor. After that, the gun ran smoothly, and there were no issues with feeding, extraction or ejecting. Seems like a really good deal; so how does it shoot? With the flush-fit 15-round magazines, height on the G3 is 5.2-inches on the doublestack 9mm G3 with an overall length of 7.28-inches due to its 4-inch barrel. The nose of the slide is nicely beveled to more easily find its way into holsters. Serrations provide just enough purchase to prevent the thumb slipping off the safety lever, and the safety sits inside a molded lip on the frame that prevents accidentally engaging it while shooting. Last year was a successful product year for Taurus USA. Be sure to pick up the issue to read an in-depth review of this new pistol. The only really noticeable difference to the shooter is the DA pull doesn’t have the long and weightless takeup. Having just made that wisecrack, I’ll point out that I was in for a surprise when I hit the magazine release. Taurus G3 Review, by Pat Cascio. So, in a reversal of the normal process, Taurus took its very successful G2 and gave it the stretch treatment. TANDEMKROSA and Taurus have teamed up to bring Taurus handgun owners what I think to be great upgrade for the budget minded pistols. It’s both the compact variant of the Taurus G3 and the successor to the Taurus G2c. Out toward the muzzle end, however, where the G2 has deep scallops along the top edges of the slide, the G3 features a more conventionally contoured top and a set of five forward-angled cocking serrations of the same pattern as the ones at the rear. Being a firearms instructor and avid concealed carrier, I am a big fan of any and all pistols designed with concealed carry in mind. The Taurus G3 will be featured in the February 2020 issue of Shooting Times. With the introduction of the XD-M Elite line of pistols, … All Handguns subscribers now have digital access to their magazine content. Taurus G3 Handgun [SHOT Show 2020] Taurus received a good reception on their G2C handguns from last year, now the company is producing a larger-framed handgun, the G3. In addition, it’s priced affordably and offers features that are on par with other guns in this class. As a matter of fact, the only concession the bare-bones G3 makes to the modern trend of ambidexterity in pistols is the inclusion of the aforementioned memory pads on both sides of the gun. Once home, the problem was apparent: The gun had arrived drier than the Oklahoma panhandle during the Dust Bowl. The good news is that upgrades are easy, since the front sight is attached with a threaded tenon like the front sight on a Glock, and the rear can be drifted out of its dovetail after loosening a single setscrew. Like the slide, the grip is pretty much a stretched-out version of the one on the G2. Sold out ... Taurus also advises their standard G3 mags work in the shorter … Monday, June 22, 2020, Gun manufacturers have been chopping down duty-size semi-automatic pistols to make them smaller and more concealable for about as long as there have been duty-size, semi-automatic pistols to chop. Slide operation is relatively smooth for a 9mm at this price point, and spring tension is not so heavy as to preclude shooters with weak hands from operating this pistol. The G3 has clean lines, especially on the right side, owing to the fact it’s not terribly ambidextrous • Two magazines—a 15-round flush-fitting one and a slightly extended 17-rounder—come with the G3 • The frame size allows for inclusion of a three-slot rail. Taurus Shrinks the G3: Introducing the G3c for… Taurus Announcing Full-Size G3 at a Great Price; Review: The Taurus G2c. That was at … Review: Taurus G3c. June 15, 2020 By J. Scott Rupp Taurus has had great success with its well-designed G3 … I was able to tell what was wrong at a glance and pushed the slide closed with my thumb and resumed shooting, but a total novice might have been a little more confused, since the gun looked “normal” to the casual glance. Handguns editor Scott Rupp fires some Federal Punch .380 defensive handgun ammo into ballistics gel the range for a performance test run. News. |   The grip architecture and overall design of the G3 make it easy to balance and improve pointing characteristics, and even though the trigger reset is noticeably longer than many other striker-fired 9mms, it’s easy to get back on target and deliver fast follow-up shots during drills. Available in .38 Super, 9mm and .45 ACP, the Ed Brown 1911 Executive Commander offers a... Jim and Scott show you how to make each trip to the shooting range a quality experience. ©2020 Outdoor Sportsman Group. While chronographing, a couple of those nosedived into the pistol’s feed ramp. Taurus G3 9mm Pistol Review. It’s for anything the G2 is a bit too small for, from action games to house gun to capacious carry gun. Compared to previous models, the G2’s improved ergonomics, build quality and reliability paved a way for Taurus guns to come, and when Taurus wanted a new full-size striker-fired pistol, it already had a successful platform in place. The big surprise is that you get a 22-ounce pistol with a 12+1 capacity. Great review of Taurus handguns. 60 QuickView taurus taurus g3, #1-g3941, 9mm pistol, 4 in. It shared many of the features of the Taurus G2c except they made some improvements to the new 3rd Generation pistol. There are also depressions on the sides of the frame—“memory pads” as Taurus calls them—that are designed to increase comfort and promote a consistent hand position. A duty-sized pistol, it was just the item you needed for a daily holster-carry sidearm. On three occasions the slide failed to lock open after the last shot was fired. The G3c isn’t exactly a “new” pistol but just the latest generation of a long line of compact pistols from Taurus. Women On Target® Instructional Shooting Clinics, Volunteer At The Great American Outdoor Show, Marion P. Hammer Women Of Distinction Award, Women's Wildlife Management / Conservation Scholarship, National Youth Shooting Sports Ambassadors, NRA Outstanding Achievement Youth Award Presented by Brownells, National Youth Shooting Sports Cooperative Program. The Taurus comes with a manual safety and measures 1.25 inches across the controls, though the slide and grip widths are closer to one inch, and the gun is easier to conceal than the specs may indicate. During the course of the evaluation, the metal magazine never failed to fall clear of the gun when the mag release was pressed, but there’s a depression at the juncture of the grip and magazine base pad should you need to strip the magazine manually. The company has the gun to do just that with the G3, and every indication is this pistol will be reliable and accurate. For starters, this gun offers excellent ergonomics. Taurus g3c 9mm Reviews {June} Read It Before Order! To help you choose the Best 9mm Speed Loader For Taurus, we’ve put together this comprehensive guide. Here are 6 must-see embellished pistols that are pushing the style envelope and challenging... Springfield Armory's Ronin Operator is an attractive, reliable 1911 that's available at a... Give a Gift   Thing is, a subcompact pistol in a service caliber may be a dandy concealed-carry, personal-protection appliance, but it’s rarely the sort of gun a person would take to the range to while away an afternoon of target shooting.

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