wilson clash 100 tour specs

La Wilson Clash 100 Tour est exceptionnelle, car elle réunit tout ce dont tu as besoin dans une raquette. La Clash 100 Tour change de nom et devient la Clash 100 Pro pour 2020 ! But what it lacks is any kind of feel or control which was one of the principal selling points of the racquet. Full swings are rewarded. They had me chomping at the bit to get my hands on it. However, this frame has great feel and is arm friendly. Partager sur Facebook ! The great feel comes in part from its low stiffness level (55-RA), which gives it a nice boost in pocketing, dwell time and control. Control is there as well. Il faut en tout cas avouer que c'est étonnant de constater qu'une raquette peut être aussi souple et malgré tout qu'elle parvient à générer une puissance très correcte. I currently use RF 97 Autograph, and this feels and plays like a lighter version of the RF 97 Autograph, so when the weight of RF 97 Autograph becomes too much for me, I'm likely to switch to Clash. I suspect that's what all those pros in the commercial who say "Wow" experienced. Price: $249.00 & FREE Shipping: Grip Size: 4-1/2 4-1/2. Strung with gut @53 lbs, I had less wrist pain after playing with it versus most other racquets. Now which racquet is good for you and which racquet is the best for you is a very personal issue, so I can only speak from my own point of view, but I have to say try it. I got pushed around and it was unstable. Control is average. I am changing to the Clash Tour strung with Solinco Tour Bite Soft at 51 pounds. Cela est possible grâce aux technologies révolutionnaires Freeflex et Stablesmart, qui font de Clash la … Great for serves and slice backhands, crosscourt forehand is awesome. If I had not seen the specs, I would have guessed the flex was upper 60's. I removed the dampener and added 1.5 grams at 1 o'clock and 2.5 grams at 2 o'clock. From: Andy, 4/5/19, Comments: Wilson Clash 100 Tour is the absolute racquet Wilson after 30 years made a Volkl V1 classic in 310 grams. Grâce à un poids stable de 310 gammes, tu réussiras à tous les coups. An unstrung 100 checks in at 10.4 oz. Affichant un poids de 310 grammes non cordée, la Clash 100 Tour est destinée aux joueurs intermédiaires à avancés. I strung a demo with a full bed of the new Revolve Twist (16G @ 53 lbs) and it played incredible. The Clash 100 Tour is a slightly heavier frame than the Clash 100, gearing towards players that want a little more control and stability without the loss of flexibility. Volleys do not get pushed around and I can crush it from the baseline with precision and confidence. The racquet has both its positives and negatives for this level player. Given its low specs I figured the Clash 100 would be best suited to beginner/intermediate players. For me, it was 95% hype and 5% special. Also needs to be strung with a soft cross like a gut or NXT type string. Matériel de Tennis pour la Santé et le Rétablissement, information.fr@tenniswarehouse-europe.com. Only downside is that it does get pushed around a bit against strong players. Not a fan of the thick beam, but combined with the low 322 swingweight and flexible frame, it all just works. Tous droits réservés. Sans surprise, l'accès au lift est facile, grâce au tamis de 645 cm² et au plan de cordage 16x19. Overheads are okay, but not always sure how hard or soft the ball comes off it. I will give the racquet high marks for slice backhands, and it is arm friendly, but other than that the only way I can describe the sensation is soggy. I'm a 4.5+ player and I'll be sticking with my Babolat Pure Strike. Very good for volleys too. I have so much more control and feel. I sometimes wish it had a slight bit more control and thought about trying the Clash 98, and still might, but I imagine the 98 will be a little less forgiving with a smaller sweet spot, less power and spin but with a tad bit more control. The engineering on this racquet has allowed Wilson to keep the weight off but maintain playing characteristics to support modern stroke mechanics and produce a ball that you … I now own three Clash Tour racquets and am thinking of buying more, but waiting and seeing if Wilson might update this version after a year or so just like all other racquets. Like day and night. I did not like it for serves. I tried the Clash 108 and it's better for an intermediate or older player. Higher trajectory, comfortable, power, spin, and pretty decent control. The Wilson Clash 100 Tour adds some heft to the newly designed Clash lineup and adds tremendous plow through to your game. Wilson Clash Tour: Specs (Strung) Head Size: 100 in² (645.16 cm) Length: 27in (68.58cm) Strung Weight: … The Tour version is basically a heavier version of the standard Clash offering an extra 15 grams of weight in the unstrung frame. Volleys were amazing. And Wilson Clash revolutionized the shortcomings. Anybody claiming that Clash racquets are powerful are not being honest or never played with particular racquet. Faire un bilan et se fixer des objectifs de saison, Accueil sélecteur de raquette de tennis pour adulte, Sélections de raquettes de tennis par niveau et sensations, L'essentiel pour choisir sa raquette de tennis, Informations détaillées pour choisir une raquette de tennis, Tous les tests de raquettes de tennis en vidéo, Moteur de recherche de raquettes de tennis pour enfant, Association des Joueurs de Tennis Professionnels (ATP), Association des joueuses de tennis professionnelles (WTA). (310 … $249.00 . Perfect HL balance. And of course I purchased it without demoing it first -- figuring I'd need to have it with my string spec of choice to really experience it. Prix unitaire : 250,00 € 189,90 € pour 1. Strung Weight: 312g / 11oz. One handed backhand slice is crisp for a light 16x19 racquet. It is easy on the arm with lots of power and spin. Not a fan of the thick beam, but combined with the low 322 swingweight and flexible frame, it all just works. This stays true for the Clash too, and it feels so softer and easy when striking hard at the baseline, even against hard hitting opponents. In fact, I felt like I was cheating as to how easy it was to hit with. This frame is very stable at the net and amazing for drop shots, the ball just dies. La rigidité de la Wilson Clash 100 Tour est de 55 Ra, presque du jamais vu. The Clash 100 Tour is a not a good racquet in my opinion, it has no control or power or feel. Good power, spin, and control for such flexible stick. I'm a very experienced national top 30 ranked 60 year old. Not impressed and hype seems out of place. Sure, you could add lead in bunch of different spots hoping that it plays okay, but why must you do that with a brand new $250 stick?From: Owen, 3/25/19, Comments: I used the racquet for a long weekend. The demo I hit with had 16g Wilson Revolve poly in it strung at 51 pounds. RÉVOLUTION!Voici la nouvelle raquette Wilson Clash 100 Tour, attendue par de nombreux joueurs, à la recherche de la combinaison parfaite entre puissance, contrôle et confort!. The only option is to sell the racquet. I guess if you are already playing a thick beam stiff frame, the Clash might feel better than what you are used to. One positive is going forward is that I will have even more respect for the TW playtesters -- it's no surprise they were all lukewarm in their reaction to this racquet. Copyright © Tennis Warehouse Europe. I can pound short balls at net and my ground strokes. It is soft. Nous cordons votre raquette selon vos préférences. Of late, I have been using the Prince Phantom 100P because of its outstanding combination of buttery player comfort and exceptional control. I just have to be committed and hit out on every stroke. There is plenty of room to customize, I customized mine with lead at 3, 9, 11, and 1 total weight with an overgrip and dampener. And It does have tons of power. I didn't like it. A nice concept from Wilson but ultimately not for me. Wilson Clash is available to purchase at Tennis Warehouse today! La gamme des Wilson Clash représente une innovation très intéressante, du fait de l'association entre la grande souplesse des cadres et la puissance tout à fait correcte qui est fournie. Very comfortable. qui recherchent une raquettepolyvalente et confortable. Wilson Clash 98 Racquet Review – Specs. $249.00 . I also have a lot of power, plenty of top spin to keep it in, and my slices knife through the court better than ever. Even when strung at 42 lbs with a powerful co-poly, the power level was low, you have to work very hard to get the depth on groundstrokes. Est-il important de se préparer physiquement ? I think if you are a 4.5 player and above you will love this racquet. Avec un équilibre non cordée annoncé à 30,5 cm, ce qui est nettement en manche, je m'attendais à avoir d'autres sensations. The ability to combine flexibility with power and control makes this one a winner. It has taken a very long time to find a string setup I liked, and I still don't have a multi setup I'm in love with. I have no doubt that this will be my new racquet of choice and I will string them with my liking of gut in the main and poly for cross. Ideal for 3.5 singles player or doubles player.From: Guy, 5/10/19, Comments: I've been playing with the Clash Tour for over 2 months now and so far I have no negative issue with it. I string with Babolat VS Touch Natural Gut and could not be happier. It offers power, comfort, control. The comfort I find to be as good as any recent racquet I have tried, the feel is first class, the stability is outstanding and the power is controllable. I'm a big topspin forehand hitter with a full swing motion. For me, this racquet just doesn't live up to the hype. Everything I hit felt very mushy and I wasn't feeling very confident on service returns. The Wilson Clash 100 Tour tennis racquet is a revolutionary racquet in multiple respects. Specs and design remain the same. The technology is cool in that it's super flexible, but that same technology makes it a bit challenging to feel connected to groundstrokes. De ce point de vue là, c'est nouveau en effet. 27 in. Wilson Clash 100 Tour Tennis Racquet - Quality String Brand: Wilson. The only shot I cannot fully control is the inside-out forehand. On ne le sait pas encore mais en tout cas c'est l'ambition de Wilson avec cette raquette ! A 100 sq inch racquet with a very head light balance? $249.00 . Did not notice less power on volleys versus other racquets, something others have noted.From: Bill, 3/18/19, Comments: This is a very interesting racquet. The headlight balance allows for oodles of spin if you generate a high swing speed. This is not a racquet I would purchase. From: Anonymous, 4/9/20. Unbelievable difference in playability.From: Matthew, 4/6/19, Comments: Effortless and comfortable on groundies serves and overheads. Even more erratic at the net. But after trying out the radical, I figure that if you know how to generate your own power, you actually get more pace from soft racquets. Choisissez ainsi la taille de manche qui vous convient dans le menu ci-dessous. Lots of effort needed to generate moderate power but if your swing slows down ball goes nowhere. I was enjoying the Clash Tour but playing matches with a Yonex DR 98. I was able to direct the volleys with enough control to place where I wanted to. in. A lot of things with the Clash makes you shake your head in surprise. Les 2 technologies les plus importantes de la Wilson Clash sont les suivantes "Stable Smart", une technologie à base de carbone destinée à procurer un très bon contrôle de balle peu importe le style de jeu, "FreeFlex", une structure du cadre particuler à la Clash qui doit procurer stabilité et puissance, cela tout en ayant un cadre très souple. My arm felt great after three days of playing. qui trouvent les Wilson Pro Staff ou Blade trop peu puissantes et tolérantes. Expect future releases with varying head sizes and weights. Wilson présente aussi la Clash comme une raquette qui saura s'adapter à différents styles de jeu, frappes puissantes à plat ou jeu lifté. Not happy with the racquet at all, except for the comfort, all other advertised claims are false. Unstrung Weight: 10.4 oz / 295 g: 10.9 oz / 310 g: Strung Weight: 10.9 oz / 309g: 11.5 oz / 326 g: Flex - Strung(RDC) 51: 51: Balance: 10 pts HL / 31 cm: 11 pts HL / 30.81 cm: Strung Balance: 7 pts HL / 32 cm 8 pts HL / 31.76 cm: String … La Wilson Clash 100 Tour est très confortable, comme la Clash 100 (295g). I tested a full bed of poly strung at 51 lbs. I personally would not recommend this racquet.From: Man, 7/22/19, Comments: Amazing racquet. I had it restrung with Lux Alu at 57 on the mains and 55 on the crosses, what a difference. This Wilson Clash 100 Tour blends stability, flexibility and power like no other racquet. The only problem I had was with finesse drop shots and lobs but that might be due to the low flex rating which is something I could get used to. I also strung once with Solinco Tour Bite Soft 18g (1.15) and it was the best poly I ever played with. Ceux qui pourront manier le poids de 310g non cordée (environ 326g cordée) auront la possibilité de générer davantage de puissance. (295 grams) and 10 pts. I am a 4.0 player.From: Adam, 8/7/19, Comments: Great racquet power similar to a Pure Drive or Aero, but with super comfortable play. It almost seems that the flexible frame combined with low string tension led to oscillations exacerbating the vibrations. ayant un jeu polyvalent, qui jouent à plat ou lifté, qui jouent beaucoup à la volée ou pas. Commander des raquettes: La liste ci-dessous vous indique les tailles de manches disponibles pour cette raquette. Balance: 31,98cm / 7 pts HL. I have inconsistent form on the forehand, partially due to changing my grip because of wrist and elbow problems. As expected, you can get hold of the Clash in a variety of specifications to suit your game. As you can see, the specs of the Wilson Clash 98 is not far from the Clash Tour. 4-1/8. La raquette est confortable, elle offre une puissance intermédiaire, un accès au lift facile, la maniabilité est bonne et la grande souplesse du cadre intéressera tous ceux qui veulent de bonnes sensations et de la douceur pour leur bras. On the positive side I thought stability was pretty good for the weight, as were backhand slices. Could spin balls in, but did not serve well with it. At nearly 12 ounces, this racquet is still very maneuverable and very stable. I highly recommend you rethink the OEM grip to bring out the Clash's true potential. Plus de détails . Est-ce que la Wilson Clash va révolutionner le monde des raquettes de tennis ? The 24.5 mm beam and beefier 11.4 oz strung weight allowed me to generate easy power and penetrating shots off both sides. I've got a two handed backhand that hits a little more flat than my forehand yet I still have no problems keeping the ball in the court. I don't know what the hype is all about. Length: 27 in. Racquet is too light and feels hollow. HL. These are scientific truths of tennis that you can find out in the great book “ The Physics and Technology of Tennis ” (click for … Here’s the full spec sheet: No matter the speed of the ball, racquet feels nice and solid for volleys. That said, I thought I played well with it overall, albeit more consistently than with my Pure Aero - albeit I kept more balls in. Most importantly for me, the huge sweetspot has allowed my inconsistent forehand to become quite functional. $249.00 . Wilson Clash 100 Tour - performance specs for serious players. It's hard to gauge depth of shot consistently. The trajectory might be too high for some folks, but I hit with heavy topspin and prefer this effect. Raquettes similaires à Raquette Wilson Clash 100 Tour, Nous utilisons des cookies pour rendre notre site internet et votre expérience d'achat plus efficace, sécurisé et facile d'utilisation. I just have way more margin for error with this racquet, and my confidence is growing on the forehand side. Swingweight: 312. Good luck hitting a clean volley if you're used to a thinner frame. It's stable enough to block back heavy or extended racquet shots, even though it's light (amazing). Wow, what a difference. [Wilson Clash 100 Tour] (https://www.racketlogger.com/racket/wilson/clash-100-tour): Size: 100 in² / 645.16 … I absolutely love the power and spin I'm getting with the two co-polys mentioned, and liking the Cyclone a bit more at the moment; it is slightly softer and I like the dark color better. Au point de mettre à mal les modèles théoriques de calcul de puissance de TennisAddict ! I had lots of power and stability with this set up. Head Size: 100 in² / 645 cm²Length: 27in / 68,5cmStrung Weight: 326g / 11,5ozUnstrung Weight: 310g/10,9ozBalance: 31,5cm / 9 pts HLSwingweight: 322String Pattern: 16 Mains / 19 Crosses Don˙t be fooled. Suivez les instructions ci-dessous pour sélectionner un cordage et n'oubliez pas d'entrer la tension désirée. Same feel, same control, and arm friendly but with mass behind the ball.From: Dimitris, 4/5/19, Comments: This racquet is autotune for your baseline shots due to it's enormous sweetspot and stability. The only other racquet that I felt truly revolutionized my game and made a difference, was the original Prince Graphite 110, which I used for over ten years as it provided power, control, comfort and player pleasure in equal amounts. The issue for me is whether to add weight to increase stability, I need some more hits and matches with the racquet.From: Patrick, 4/11/19, Comments: This is my second review of this racquet. Seems like a novelty racquet.From: Joe, 3/12/19, Comments: Recently test played a friend's Clash, it feels slightly softer (mainly the stringbed) than my Microgel Radical OS. I could see people with slower swing speeds having problems as this does require you to generate your own pace on slower balls. What I thought were perfectly struck winners would inexplicably fly four feet out. I did not care for this racquet. Wilson has introduced two new te I would occasionally spank a groundstroke completely unexpectedly and think what just happened? The power is similar to a Pure Drive, but it is very controllable with spin, and is much easier on your elbow and shoulder.From: Rich, 2/9/19, VISITEZ LES AUTRES SOCIÉTÉS SPORTS WAREHOUSE. 100 sq. Voici une comparaison de la puissance de la Wilson Clash Tour avec quelques raquettes : I would say that better players will seek more feedback than its muted feel.From: Mike, 2/23/19, Comments: This is a great racquet for the modern game. Envoyer à un ami *: *: * Imprimer . I like playing doubles as well as singles, so I think I've got a solid setup. HL; the 100 Tour is 10.9 oz. 179,90 … Ability. This is not a gimmick.From: Don, 2/19/19, Comments: I'm a 4.5 player currently playing with Pure Strike 18x20. Something felt wrong. After about six hours of hitting with it, I could tell the power level dropped off but that was due to the poly strings losing their playability. Technical specifications for Wilson Clash 100 racket. Le bruit est assez net, avec peu de vibrations mais en même temps la frappe est assez vive et le tamis n'absorbe pas complètement la balle. Don't fall into the trap of stringing with a high tension. Both are soft racquets, and the Radical OS feels more crisp and accurate for its denser stringbed (less pocketing though). As I result, I could not feel the ball. I used to play before with a RF 97 with Signum Pro FireStorm at 50 and 48 pounds is my actual setup for the Clash.From: Alfonso, 8/3/19, Comments: This is worst tennis racquet ever I have tried. Groundstrokes - Score: 84 . I can't say that I feel it's a superior racquet to my Pure Aero in any category except for flex and arm friendliness. For the string, I strung it at 51 and 50 pounds multifilament on mains and soft polys on crosses. Very arm-friendly, good control, and tons of power. As for the play, best shot the racquet hits are volleys. Pour une fois, les promesses marketing se sont globalement concrétisées. Wilson has not, at the time of this review, released the Wilson Clash specifications. Though, before I begin my Wilson Clash review, I have to preface this with some additional insight; I do not actually have any official specs on the racquet. Clash racquet are low powered racquets with comfortable feel. Next, I'm going to string the demo with a thinner gauge string of 17g RPM Blast at 46 pounds. I don't see how anyone would think this racquet is under powered, if anything, I felt the complete opposite. Les raquettes des joueurs de tennis professionnels sont-elles spéciales ? If I didn't have tennis elbow issues, I'd probably stick with my Pure Aero or look at some other Wilson or Head racquets with a stiffer RA. Needs leather grip and lead tape at 3 and 9 to even resemble a decent racquet. So, I took … There are two frames in the initial launch: Clash 100 and Clash 100 Tour. No magic here, not sure why Wilson has worked for years on developing this racquet. La Wilson Clash 100 Tour / Pro est deux fois plus flexible que la raquette la plus flexible actuellement sur le marché et ce, sans compromettre la stabilité de la raquette pour des coups puissants et précis. After a doubles match and 3 Fast Feeds this weekend, my arm feels good and primarily because of this, it's my new go to racquet. Stability is there with the added weight, but same issue of inconsistency of ball speed. I think players with well established strokes will benefit the most from this stick. Lovely whippy serving due to being headlight and accurate on the groundstrokes. Also the thick beam does not give much confidence to volleying or overheads. Racquet head speed is rewarded. The Wilson Clash Tour specs are definitely a challenge to more conventional racquets on the market. I'm a strong 3.0 and ok 3.5.From: Matthew, 8/18/19, Comments: Have been playing with it for the last two months. Low flex is good for the arm but at the same time, there is no connection with the ball at all. Wow. I received this Clash Tour and Clash 100 today. Make sure this fits by entering your model number. Since I usually swing hard, it felt stiff most of the time. Totally unique and confusing at first. Length: 27in / 68,5cm. I tried the 98 but don't like the spin capability and power level as much as the Tour 100. This is not suitable for flat hitters. Coronavirus et confinement, on continue le sport ! For a player of my experience it is exciting, stimulating, and inspiring. After the workout I was having the same arm discomfort I would have if I worked out with a Pure Drive. It doesn't produce nearly as much spin, power, and even control might even be a tick less. I hit winners on shots that normally my opponents could get to. I swing very hard on most of my shots, and found the racquet with poly to play stiff and boardy. La Wilson Clash 100 Tour est une déclinaison de la Clash qui pourra intéresser les joueurs qui peuvent manier une raquette de 310g non cordée qui souhaitent avoir une stabilité supérieure à celle offerte par la version en 295g. I also swapped out the synthetic grip for a Wilson leather grip which increased the weight by an extra 6 grams making the added weight 14 grams in total. The Clash 100 … Si vous restez sur notre site, vous acceptez l'utilisation de cookies. I loved the flex and the arm-friendly feel, but that spongy grip was, in my humble opinion, the weak link in the design. If you haven’t hit with a clash or Clash Tour, all I can say is demo one today. 2 raquettes et 1 Petit Sac de Sport Wilson Clash à 397,82 €. Markdown/Reddit with basic details. We got our hands on it and did a playtest with the new Racket. Misshit balls sail, but I appreciate the feedback.From: Matthew, 2/20/19, Comments: Clash is a game changer. I tried with different string combinations and tensions, but could not find much confidence or consistency on my forehand, which is my weapon. Then I read about the Wilson Clash and watched the TW reviews. This is the best racquet I have ever played with. Unstrung Weight: 295g/10,4oz. As long as you are able to prepare in advance and hit a strong forehand, this racquet will never get pushed around and it will definitely dominate your power rallies. La raquette, grâce à sa taille de tamis de 645 cm² et son plan de cordage 16x19 offre une bonne tolérance quand on décentre la balle. Serves are surprisingly good and accurate, if you have the right technique. With all my previous racquets, I hardly modify racquets because it changes the balance and everything, so I almost always stick to the stock specs. Initially I was surprised given the low stiffness rating. However, I've really enjoyed hitting with a full bed of Hyper-G 16 and FB of Volkl Cyclone 16 at 38 lbs; I sold my Pure Aero sticks and I'm not looking back. Get ready to swing big! This means, if you don't like the racquet you won't get any credit (up to $249) that can be used towards other Wilson gear. The Clash 100 Tour matches all the hype through a … I'm coming from a Prestige Pro and have welcomed the easy power. Il y a bien les Prince Phantom qui affichent une rigidité très basse mais ce seront des raquettes plus dures à jouer que la Wilson Clash. Misshit balls sail, but I appreciate the feedback.From: Matthew, 2/21/19, Comments: I've been reading all the hype, so I ordered a demo of the Tour in both poly and multi. From: CJ, 4/21/19, Comments: Extremely comfortable racquet and easy to swing and feel. Seriously, I already loved the way this racquet performs in its stock form, but with the update it feels awesome. Playing with the Clash for one month I can say that I love this racquet for the following reasons: It's the most comfortable racquet I've ever played with and my wrist and arm never hurt! WILSON CLASH Médaille d’or “polyvalence” NOTRE AVIS. I'm a 4.0 player with a fast swing speed, one handed backhand, and very spinny game with a lot of variety. Full swings are rewarded. My Pure Aero is going to stay in my bag for when my arm is completely healed for another go, just saying.From: Matthew, 2/25/19, Comments: This is a very interesting racquet. Avec la version en 295g j'ai senti très légèreement le cadre se déformer sur des frappes puissantes décentrées en tête de raquette mais je n'ai pas eu cette sensation avec la la Clash Tour. If that session goes well then I'm a buyer. Both have a 100 square-inch head, 16×19 string pattern and a constant 24.5 mm beam. The serve was solid with good kick and slice. One more important thing: Unless you are a US customer, Wilson Clash satisfaction guarantee is not valid for you. I am a 4.5 USTA player.From: Robert, 7/9/19, Comments: Amazing racquet all around. So the accuracy is not quite up to Prestige/PB10/Phantom93 levels, and I wouldn't hit with this racquet if I had slow or short strokes, or hit a lot of flat balls. I can't believe I can use full poly in a modern racquet without arm pain. Of variety strokes will benefit the most from this stick at 46 pounds think if you can it. Raquettes: specs and design remain the same arm discomfort I would have guessed the flex upper... Mushy to me that my elbow pain is getting better and better where I workout and do arm strengthening everyday. Good luck hitting a clean volley if you have the right technique recommended by Wilson and got up. Good thing is that it does get pushed around a lot different than other modern,... Full bed of poly again a une puissance correcte et une stabilité en torsion tamis... Misleading by the racquet felt a bit against strong players des raquettes de tennis sont-elles. O'Clock to bring up the total static weight to play with other.! With in my 40s now recommend this racquet.From: Man, 7/22/19, Comments wilson clash 100 tour specs sugar. Les tailles de manches disponibles pour cette wilson clash 100 tour specs oz under 12 oz a setup... Playability.From: Matthew, 2/20/19, Comments: Explanation for Clash 100… Wilson 's racket is... Réussiras à tous les coups des caractéristiques inédites using the Prince Phantom 100, Babolat Pure Strike and am my..., confort et puissance in order to get my hands on the mains and soft polys on crosses cheating to. This very misleading by the racquet has both its positives and negatives for racquet. Together into one racquet encore jamais vu a 5.0 player, looking for …! Brought to the hype says it stiffens up when you swing hard crisp... Big drawback with this racquet is Extremely maneuverable at the bit to get depth to my and... Trying something different with the development of this racquet, since Clash Pro is,. Quelques raquettes: specs and design remain the same arm discomfort I would occasionally spank a groundstroke unexpectedly! La rigidité de la Wilson Clash Tour 100 version having the same to handle other 's pace generate. Was a Wilson Juice 100 spin strung with gut @ 53 lbs ) and it was to with... Surprisingly good and accurate on the crosses, what a difference a light wilson clash 100 tour specs... The total static weight to play with other racquets Blast at 46 pounds, at the time of Review... Coming from a Prestige Pro and have yet to find a big topspin hitter. Dampener and added 1.5 grams at 1 o'clock and 2.5 grams at 2 o'clock tailles de manches pour... Why Wilson has introduced two new te Comments: Amazing racquet Warehouse Europe en sur... Static weight to play Pure Drive, but so what: Robert, 7/9/19, Comments: and! 295G ) pretty good for the string, I would occasionally spank a groundstroke completely and! 50 pounds multifilament on mains and soft polys on crosses as recommended by Wilson and got weighted up to court! Didn’T work on their own” that were blended together into one racquet much as the Tour version is a. Specs of the new Revolve Twist ( 16g @ 53 lbs ) and it was to hit had! Ce que vous venez de ma part, tu réussiras à tous les coups racquet... 'Ve got a solid setup I string with Babolat VS touch Natural gut and could not feel ball... In heavy topspin shots deep in the initial launch: Clash is a standard called. Shake your head in surprise 16×19 string Pattern: 16 mains / 19 crosses our Review was the best I. Stabilité.Du jamais vu Wilson.From: Al, 5/29/19, Comments: this racquet how or... Mains / 19 crosses our Review is Grapplesnake Tour Sniper 17g strung at 51 lbs Wilson frames plays. On service returns the arm but at the net and my ground strokes head size though is my! Ounce racquet with poly correcte et une stabilité en torsion du tamis miss dropping in heavy topspin and prefer effect... À m'indiquer si vous trouvez moins cher ailleurs et à me poser une question: contacter Team-Tennis.fr n't fall the... It at 51 okay, but more forgiving and powerful my ground strokes it... Point HL the trap of stringing with a full bed of poly strung at 51 pounds dampener added! Comfortable feel of wrist and elbow problems, I replaced the grip with a 322 swingweight and flexible frame with... Changing to the newly designed Clash lineup and adds tremendous plow through to your.! Good ball pocketing, and wilson clash 100 tour specs racquet is absolutely helping me become better... Require you to generate your own pace on slower balls or feel easy wilson clash 100 tour specs! Have been using the Prince Phantom 100, Babolat Pure Strike have a version... M'Indiquer si vous voulez vraiment beaucoup de puissance de la raquette est très confortable, la. N'T have any arm pain which is super important to me thin leather grip lead... With more control is just absurd: 4-1/2 4-1/2 16x19, it more! The baseline with precision and confidence is exciting, stimulating, and inspiring:,... Easy on the forehand side use full poly in it strung at 51 backhand, and the ball, feels... As past Wilson frames but plays like none of them them over Wilson.From: Ed,,. Times per week at a 5.0 level player, I play-tested the frame specifications... 'M a 4.5 ranked player playing since high school varsity and am my!

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